best gambling animes


Anime is a famous form of entertainment and recommended by everyone who are watching it in their leisure time.

There are so many themes of animes accessible on online at this time. You can focus on everything about the best gambling animes one after another right now. 

You will make a well-informed decision to use the gambling anime and be encouraged to get the absolute anime based amusement in the free time. The following details explain you about top anime gambling.

Gambling Anime

1. Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambling Anime

Kakegurui was aired in July 1, 2017 to September 23, 2017. This renowned gambling anime has 12 episodes. The main themes of this anime are game, drama, psychological, school, compulsive gambling, gambling school, and shounen.  You can watch this anime on Netflix in your leisure time and make your wishes about the enhanced entertainment come true. 

You will be satisfied with a hassle-free method to prefer and watch this anime series devoid of complexity in any aspect.

Homura Kawamoto has written the manga series. This extraordinary anime story is set in a high school Hyakkaou Private Academy where pupils are evaluated solely on their gambling skills. 



The main goal of this academy is to produce professionals and future leads as per their ability to beat their peers in different themes of gambling games. Every student in this school brings their money and is ruined or triumphant and subjugated to the rest. 

You can prefer and watch this gambling anime whenever you get free time and interests to watch the anime.

Individuals who fail to fire up via the hierarchy become known as the pet in this anime. Yumeko Jabami is a beautiful school girl who has not joined Hyakkaou for social status or gain.

 She is a gambler of compulsive type who gets the maximum entertainment from gambling. She just likes playing and has a commitment for games of chance as such things place her in the place where she intimidates the well-known hierarchy at the school in this gambling anime on online.

2. Legendary Gambler Tetsuya

Legendary Gambler Tetsuya is a successful anime with different themes like cheating, gambling, shounen, historical, and game. This anime was aired in October 7, 2000 to March 24, 2001. There are 20 episodes in this anime series.

Tetsuya has a classical master as well as discipline narrative where every student successfully surpasses the tutor. This leading anime series follows the Tetsuya’s story. He is a gifted gambler in the popular post-World War II Japan who successfully plays mahjong in Shinjuku City. He does not mind employing his overall talents to gain a victory.

There are so many animes regarding gambling. For example, you can access and use clever minded games to be successful in efforts to defeat opponents in this gambling anime. Tetsuya chooses to cheat whenever the chance happens. 


He is based on the real-life story of Takehiro Irokawa gambler who won himself the nickname Hourouki Mahjong. This leading anime romanticizes a few things and not the whole things must be taken at the face value. 

This is the main reason why Legendary Gambler Tetsuya works same as the real life which is infused in the anime.

Professional gamblers in this gambling anime series are not ashamed to cheat. Cheat was a clear skill trait in ancient times and dedicated gamblers race against each other and figure out the strategy of each other as the other party had. 

You can choose and watch this riveting anime regarding gambling. You will get 100% entertainment and be satisfied with the hassle-free method to realize expectations about how to enjoyably spend the free time.

3. Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor

Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor was aired from October 3, 2007 to April 2, 2008. This anime series has 26 episodes. The most outstanding themes in this anime series are the gambling and also betting debt, game, psychological, Seinen and thriller. Extraordinary things related to this anime series encourage everyone to prefer and watch it. This anime is available to watch on Crunchyroll.

Kaiji was known as the Nobuyuki Fukumoto back in 1996. This anime was in print until 2017. Madhouse picked up this gambling anime series and modified into the anime TV series Kaiji with 26 episodes. 

All developers wish to call the anime gambling apocalypse Kaiji. Nippon TV aired this anime sequel Kaiji: Against All Rules hailed by fans as a notable continuation. The franchise was changed into the live-action anime film trilogy and 1st movie Kaiji has fans worldwide.

Kaiji Itou is the protagonist of this popular anime series. He spends his days mostly inebriated. The complete ill-meaning associate cheats him into incurring the maximum debt. Kaiji is required for sobering and joining an underground gambling ring on the cruise ship.

The fair gambling deal goes on and physical confrontations timely let Kaiji to become accustomed to his new standard of living which is lurking with every sort of danger. You can access and use the plot attractive in this gambling anime series. The overall character of Kaiji is both authentic and stirring to anybody who likes anime.

4. Saki - Gambling Anime

Saki is a good choice for anyone who seeks an outstanding gambling anime and aired on April 6, 2009 to September 28, 2009. This anime has 25 episodes with the most interesting themes like psychological, school girl gambling, gambling strategy, gambling, and mah-jong. 

This well-known anime is available to watch on Crunchyroll. This renowned anime about gambling is a combination of some elements of Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler and Akagi.

A schoolgirl Saki Miyanaga hates everything regarding mah-jong game which has affected her life in the negative way in the past. She is introduced to the mahjong’s club of school by her friend namely Kyoutarou Suga. This young Saki reveals her skills involuntarily for seeing patterns as well as excelling at the game.

Individuals with ever-increasing wishes to watch the gambling anime from the comfort of their home are advised to choose and access this anime right now. 

The president of the club Hisa Takei quickly spots promise of Saki despite her enhanced efforts to cover it. 

The overall strength of Saki lies in her unconventional play style that gives her an edge. She involuntarily wins her hostility of Nodoka Haramura who is a talented member of the club as well as the champion in the last year. 

She overcomes her reservation towards mah-jong. She makes a decision that she sets a new goal to herself and wins some national competitions. She has a good friendship with Haramura and she makes up with whom is another driver of rekindled love of young Saki for the game.

Saki is not all about gambling anime, but also seeing patterns. She has its dramatic moments. However, the anime is a light-hearted as well as pleasant spectacle. This anime is ranked as one of the most popular animies of all time. Gozo televised this anime show and aired on TV Tokyo in 2009. Ritz Kobayashi has written and illustrated this manga series.

5. Touhai Densetsu Akagi: Yami ni Maiorita Tensai

Akagi is a popular gambling anime set in the period after the World War II. This anime focuses on the story of Shigeru Akagi, the namesake protagonist, a young boy who faces of members of Yakuza in the game of mah-jong. He defeats them when he was only 13 years old.

He reveals his talent by enhancing his efforts to the rescue of Nangou, a compulsive gambler who has accumulated 3 millions and yet in debt. 

This gambling anime explains about how he wagers his life against beating the mafia and enhances his routine efforts to carry him close over the edge.

He arrives on time and provides strange advice which pays off. Nangou is debt-free of Akagi who wishes to play and all people realize that the boy is a prodigy and intended to become the respected gambler in the nation

Akagi has his own problems. You can choose and watch this gambling anime series in the free time. You will get an excellent enhancement in your approach to fulfil expectations about the gambling themed anime based entertainment time. This anime is about a street urchin story as he secures himself for a good life via his talent at mah-jong which is a dream to backs in post-World War II Japan.

6. One Outs

Toua Toguchi is a successful gambling anime and a brilliant player of the game baseball loves to gamble in the entertainment. He plays the baseball of simplified type namely One Outs on Okinawa roads. But, he must follow the simple rule when Toua is assigned to the most important team in this sport to victory.

He wins $45,000 for everything exposed he pitches. However, he loses $455,000 for each run in this game he lets go with no complexity. 

Everyone who prefers and watches this anime with the psychological and gambling elements gets unforgettable entertainment and realizes their dream about the enjoyable leisure in all the possible ways.

One outs anime is for all the fans of game seeking to make their overall games interesting in different aspects. You can read an honest review of this gambling anime right now and take note of the complete guidelines to engage in the routine gambling based anime related amusement activities. You will get different benefits from a proper use of facilities in this anime video and be happy to spend your free time beyond your expectations.

7. Death Parade

All beginners to the gambling anime based entertainment options nowadays get ever-increasing desires to choose the right anime and play it as long as they like the enhanced amusement. There is no heaven afterlife in the anime with the gambling theme namely Death Parade. 

It is the appropriate time to concentrate on everything about how to make optimistic changes in the routine activities associated with the gambling anime based entertainment and decide on how to get such entertainment.

This entire anime is in the supernatural bar which tarts, air hockey, poker, and other games. These games play the main role in this anime series as such games decide who live again and who will be lost to the darkness.

Your soul in this gambling anime is a single episode designed to train every animator blew into every episode series full of dark humour, tension, and your soul. You can get more than expected improvement in your amusement with this drama, mystery, or psychological theme of gambling animation series. Every beginner who has started watching this anime series gets 100% satisfaction and fulfils all their wishes about a proper use of the overall facilities to watch the anime. 

They get different benefits from this form of animation amusement and make positive changes in their way to realize wishes about the enjoyable leisure time.

8. Stardust Crusaders (D’Arby The Gambler Story Arc)

As a fan of the gambling anime series accessible through online at this time, you can focus on the fundamentals and modern things about the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures right now. Everyone who has started watching this anime series gets 100% entertainment and ever-increasing opportunities to take pleasure in the gambling anime video based amusement. 

Jotaro battles against D’Arby, a mysterious man in a game of poker with an aim to win back the soul of Joseph and also those who ever lost against D’Arby. Eye-catching things related to the gambling anime theme give eagerness for everyone to watch this series and recommend it to others. You can research the basics and complex aspects of this animation and make use of every chance towards the realization of your wishes about the gambling animation in different ways.

In the usual Jojo fashion, this animation is a wild and also ridiculous ride for nigh impossible stakes. In this gambling animem Jojo has its own method to create tension and keep everyone hooked.

D’Arby will steal souls of everyone in the ultimate way. However, Jotaro has some tricks up his sleeve. It is the best suitable time to focus on the fundamentals and make optimistic changes in your way to use this animation series. You will make a well-informed decision to spend the free time and be encouraged to watch the anime video.

Crystal clear details about the gambling anime these days play the main role behind the increased level of convenience of everyone and encourage them to watch this animation with no complexity. All viewers of this anime in episodes 34 and 35 of the popular Stardust Crusaders get the highest possible amusement and unforgettable experiences. This renowned gambling animation series not only impress all beginners, but also give them eagerness to watch it whenever they get the free time.

9. Mahjong Hishouden: Naki No Ryuu

Crying Dragon is a mysterious stranger in the gambling anime Mahjong Hishouden: Naki No Ryuu and playing Mahjong against gang members for the purpose of survival. 

This stranger wins at all times by using a particular move namely Ron which needs everyone to wait on their opponent for the best strike. 

Every person who explores this gambling anime rich in amusing things nowadays gets an excellent assistance and ensures about an array of advantageous things from a proper use of this facility towards the realization of anime based entertainment

Fans of the gambling anime these days think out of the box and search for everything about this anime. This is because they like to get the maximum gambling themed animation amusement and fulfil wishes about the enjoyable leisure time. Attractive aspects and amusing things of this action or drama anime keep everyone hooked mah-jong especially when they seek how the protagonist struggles for manipulating their opponents to do their bidding.

Improvements in the `gambling anime watching facilities catch the attention of many people and increase their interests to use such facilities devoid of complexity in any aspect. You can research different things about this animation series and take note of guidelines about how to be successful in your way to engage in it with no compromise on the level of entertainment. There are 3 long episodes and 3 short episodes in this well-known anime series.

Gambling Anime

The money of soul and possibility control

Money is everything in the world at this time. Kimimaru Yoga in this gambling anime is invited to gamble in the popular East Financial District. Money is plentiful in this anime. Weekly matches in this anime decide fates of all players. 

This anime is all about the world which Yoga operates under the Entre name for protecting his future as well as fortune. Everyone who watches this gambling anime gets an array of benefits and makes their wishes about the enjoyable entertainment come true. 

They get loads of advantageous things from anime and realize their wishes about the anime based amusement in different aspects. You can prefer and watch this popular gambling anime subsequent to a complete analysis of various things. You will get 100% amusement and feel confidence to suggest it to others.