The chumba casino is one of the fastest growing casino platforms offering a wide selection of casino games and live casino betting for earning more real money. Whenever the casino freaks are looking for the best and new type of casino website to play the different varieties of games, Chumba Casino is the best choice to everyone. Thus, it is also considered as the world’s favourite social casino platform for several numbers of players.

Specialities of Chumba Casino:

The chumba casino website is actually developed by the in-house team of professional and talented game developers and designers and also licensed/developed off 3rd party service providers. It actually gives VGW with several ranges of both commercial benefits and operational flexibility. VGW probably continues to invest into the expansion of the proprietary games and also the pleased to more differentiate itself from some other competitors. If the players consider the current portfolio of this chumba casino, it totally includes more than 80 exciting games for both desktop and smart mobile phone users.

The team of experts in this game play environment always continue to grow their offerings to the gamblers with the new variety of games which are being launched on the monthly basis. When it comes to the VGW team, it is the different company that believes in the play hard/work hard culture of this casino site. The chumba casino has over 400 professional globally located working for them.

Chumba Casino

Chumba Casino is actually owned and also operated by VGW Malta Limited which handles all types of casino payments here at this platform. The players can see two important things at this casino such as sweepstakes promotions & prizes which are also operated by VGW Games Limited. This VGW Games Limited is licensed and regulated by Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). It is actually the public regulatory authority which is highly responsible for the administration of all sorts of gaming activities based in Malta.

Is Chumba Casino legal or scam?

As it is a leading social casino website, this chumba casino offers gold coin games for all players. In order to give these gold coin games, this gambling environment use a unique type of sweepstakes model that lets the safe & secure recovery of sweeps coins in order to give the cash prizes to the players in Canada and US. The team of experts at this casino pride themselves on holding to the laws in the controls which they operate in. They also engage with the top rated experts in such legal controls for ensuring that they are completely complaint with all applicable gambling laws. This is why there is no scam with this casino website and it is 100 % legit to play a variety of casino games.

Why choosing Chumba Casino?

As a leading social casino platform, chumba casino always targets to bring the greater level of excitement and fun to all world class social casino fans. The main focus on this site is on the United States which is the home of casinos and then Canada. Thus, they always intend to globally spread out their site very soon by making it truly global. There are several gaming companies tied up with this casino platform to offer huge sweepstakes with the prizes to the players who win the game. The sweepstakes are just the trade promotions with the casino prizes. They are generally used to promote the product sales but in this case they are gold coins through the casino prize giveaways. It is not a new concept to the casino environment because it has been used for several decades at casinos worldwide.

How does sweepstakes model work at Chumba Casino?

  • Chumba Casino actually sells the virtual currency which is the gold coins to the players who can gather and play with but that can’t be traded, redeemed, or transferred for real money.
  • In order to enter the sweepstakes model of the chumba casino, there is no need to make any purchase.
  • The sweepstake entries at this casino platform are provided to the gamblers in the form of sweeps coins.
  • These sweeps coins can’t be bought and it has no any inherent value.
  • The gamblers can always get sweeps coins for free of cost as the bonus with the purchase of the casino gold coins or through an AMOE like mailing in. AMOE stands for Alternative Methods of Entry.

The players can make use of your sweeps coins in the chumba casino game play. Such sweep coins won as the gambling prizes which can then be redeemed to get the real cash prizes.


Need for identity verification:

Each and every player at chumba casino can have a unique identity and you have to verify it with this casino platform. It has to be positively able to find the customers. The beginning step in this process is collecting some personal identity details from the players before they make a purchase of some gold coins. They will ask the details like your name, residential address, and date of birth. After collecting all these details, this casino will separately be needed to verify that the details collected are correct according to the legal obligations applicable for them and in line with the commitment of their responsible gambling. When you open this online account for casino game play, this chumba casino is always required to verify your identity.

If you don’t do this verification process or submit the required documents within a particular time limit, the notification will be sent to you to indicate that you have to verify it. Once you have verified your account with this casino website, then only you will be allowed to play the games or redeem any sweeps coins. Before you redeem any sweeps coins for getting the real cash prizes, this chumba casino platform requires to ensure that the gambling account into which any cash reward will be paid is in your name. They will not pay any cash prize amount to the account which is not in your name. This is why they strictly follow the verification process to confirm whether it is you or not. The necessary documents they require for this chumba casino account verification include,

  • Passport or identity card
  • Driver’s license

All these documents should be issued by your government and not a duplicate one. At the same time, they shouldn’t be expired and all documents have to be current. You have to cross check the documents twice before submitting them to this chumba casino. Similarly, you have to also upload the photo or the real time selfie image through this dedicated online portal for photo verification. For the residential address proof, you should submit the following documents such as,

  • Utility bill or letter from the government authority
  • Bank statement

These documents have to clearly show your name, date of issue, and also the residential address which is within the last 6 months.

Exciting games offered at Chumba casino:

Chumba Casino World

When you choose chumba casino to play your favourite games, there you can have exciting online casino style games over 60 varieties to choose from. There is always something special and new game for you to play on this platform. Some of the popular game varieties include,

Proprietary games

There are totally 67 varieties of casino games available and proprietary games are really very popular among them. Proprietary games at chumba casino develop them in-house and you will win wild gold in such games if you are lucky charms. The popular game variations include starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, Age of Gods, and etc.

Jackpot slot games

There are several jackpot slot variations available such as mini, minor, major, and grand. You will win the jackpot based on how lucky you are.


It is a perfect table game which pays 3:2 with 10K gold coins or 1 sweeps coins to the players.

Video poker

When it comes to the video poker at chumba casino, it provides 10K gold coins or 1 sweeps coin same like the blackjack game.

Live dealers

There are also several varieties of live dealer games to give you exciting gambling benefits and experience.

There are some age restrictions among the players here at this platform. All players with only 18 + years of age will be allowed to enter this casino platform and open a gambling account to play such games. If you are under 18, you will not be allowed to enter this website. With this safe gambling environment and a wide range of game collections, there are over one million players playing games at this chumba casino in order to get a chance of winning prizes by playing the exciting casino style games. It is the main reason why more numbers of players now choose this casino site every day for your casino game play.

Important features of chumba casino:

Chumba Casino provides a variety of gambling features and services to the players. They include,

Fastest checkouts

The chumba casino always accepts the secure and fast payments from all top rated payment service providers without applying any additional fees. This is why it provides fastest checkouts to the casino players.

24/7 customer service

If you have any doubt regarding the casino game play or you have any queries related to the casino games, you just contact their customer support team. There are a team of professionals who are always ready to answer your questions or clear your doubts 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. So, you have to always get in touch with this chumba casino customer support team to satisfy all your needs.

Exciting casino style games

This casino platform offers a wide selection of online based casino style games which are based on blackjack, roulette, table games, video poker, and also big jackpot slots. All those games are really exciting and thrilling to play on your computer or mobile devices and you can earn a lot of real money.

No downloads required

At this chumba casino website, you can obtain straight to action through their easy to play online browser games for your Mac systems, Windows PC, or mobile devices.  There is no necessary to download anything to start your game play.

Exclusive first time offer

Before investing on your casino game, you just take the benefit of exclusive first time purchase offer given at this casino. It will be more beneficial to use it for your first time investment without investing anything from your hand.

More amounts of sweeps coins

Sweep coins are important prizes or promotions in this chumba casino and you can have a chance of obtaining more amounts of sweep coins here at this platform. You can mail a request, win the competition, or get the free bonus when you buy gold coins here online.

Benefits of choosing chumba casino:

When you choose chumba casino, you will get the following benefits. They include,

  • 2 dollars gold coin package is basically free just when you sign up at this platform.
  • It is 100 % legal to get the cash prizes when you are from Canada and USA.
  • Very small minimum purchases
  • All credit cards will work for purchases.
  • Free redemption directly to the player’s bank account.
  • Largest progressive jackpots.
  • All casino games extremely work well on the mobile devices.

Playing at this chumba casino will provide you such kinds of benefits along with the interesting game play and huge prizes. From the year of 2017 to still now, this casino gaming platform strike the online gambling environment when it was recognized by VGW Malta Limited. This unique casino website using the sweepstakes based system in order to make it possible for all Canada and US players to legally register and play the games to get more cash prizes. It also sells gold coins which come with the bonus offer of sweeps coins that can be easily played with and redeemed to get the cash prizes. This gambling system actually allows chumba casino to advertise on some of the popular social media platforms like Google and Facebook because it is a leading social gaming site.

It is also the main reason why this casino platform gets the highest rating among all other casino websites. To be honest, there are some limited number of games and live dealers but it will accept almost all types of US credit cards for in-game purchases and send redemption of cash prizes directly to the bank account of the player. It is the most convenient feature which you never ever find in any other casino environment. Except for the Quebec and Washington casino players, chumba casino is always open to the players from Canada and United States. You have to thank to the sweepstakes system which makes it really work as the social casino. It has been made based on the US gambling laws. Thus, this casino platform is well known for its massive jackpots, proprietary games, a responsive website, and also totally free no-purchase welcome bonus.

No purchase package of chumba casino:

The chumba casino has made a no-purchase bonus of 2,000,000 gold coins along with 2 sweeps coins in order to help players to directly go to the casino game play environment. This no-purchase bonus will be directly credited to your gambling account once you have verified it. In order to claim this special bonus, you have to first register here at this website, verify your account, and also start playing your favourite games. This welcome offer with gold coins and sweep coins will appear at the top of the screen in your casino account. All of such sweeps have a rollover necessity of just 1z, that doesn’t sound bad at all. At the same time, the minimum redemption in chumba casino is around 100 sweeps coins that means the player can’t able to redeem it just yet.

Chumba Casino software:

Another important thing you have to know about is that this casino software. The chumba casino software actually includes both huge advantages and very little disadvantages which can be ignorable. Overall, this software has a modern & trendy touch and software looks more appealing. The proprietary software of Chumba casino along with its game collections in the package is really a great thing in terms of compatibility. When it comes to its software, you have to learn about its main page layout which is very simple at all. But the front page layout offers positive and impressive UI interface for all players at chumba casino.

At the top of the page, you can see the balance in your gambling account and there you can easily switch between sweep coins and gold coins. It is also a place where you can purchase more amounts of gold coins or redeem your existing sweeps coins in order to get the appropriate cash prizes. In the left side corner of chumba casino site, you can have a small window which is regularly updated with the latest wins at this casino. It is absolutely the best way to motivate the gamblers and show to them they are not losing their money or time.

Detailed Review About Chumba Casino